2015 Wedding Trends!

We attended The Special Event Conference (TSE) last week and learned the latest wedding trends for 2015. One thing to keep in mind about trends: they are opinions. As professional event planners, we want to pay attention to them and know what they are, but we don’t have to follow them. Our client’s style and desires are still top priority!

Here are the wedding trend predictions for 2015!

pantone color marsala 2015 weddings

Colors: Pantone sets the color of the year which influences the wedding planning industry. For 2015, the Pantone color of the year is marsala. This sounds like a fancy word for burgundy, but we still like it. It’s easy to see how it will be a great color for some of our client’s weddings and events.

gold wedding lounge

Fashion Inspiration: Fashion trends always inspire and influence the wedding and event industry. Metallic is one of those fashion trends that we are going to see a lot more of in 2015. Metallic furniture, metallic on cakes, and backdrops in gold are going to be very popular this year. Black and white are also a hot combo we are going to see more of this year, especially with linens and lounge furniture at events. Mixing patterns is also a hot topic for 2015 trends. Another fashion trend that is taking event design by storm is a statement piece. In fashion, a statement piece such as necklace or purse takes the focus of an outfit. In event design, this translates into a statement piece at the venue such as a huge floral display (think trees that are adorned in lights with tons of accent florals), a row of enormous mirrors, or just a large lovely floral display that attracts your focus when you enter the room.

2015 wedding food trendsFood & Catering: In 2015, it’s all about bacon. And why shouldn’t it be?! Bacon in drinks, bacon in desserts, and bacon as a main ingredient in the entrée are all popular for this year’s weddings and events. We were happy to hear that luxurious comfort foods are still hot for 2015. We love this food trend, especially for weddings. Small plates with more courses are also still popular. Farm-to-table dinners with locally sourced food are a huge trend. For our Colorado weddings in the past 2 years, we have planned and designed many weddings with a farm-to-table inspired dinner. This trend isn’t slowing down at all and we can expect to see it continue through 2015 and into 2016.

kate and matt Beer

Drinks: Craft beers are huge. No surprise there, especially living in Colorado. Bourbon bars are also a popular trend for events right now.

kings tables wedding

Guest Seating: long banquet tables, often called king’s tables, are the hot seating trend for 2015. This type of seating pairs well with farm-to-table family style dinners.

floral chandelier decor

Florals: Floral chandeliers are still hot along with ombre patters in flower design. Big floral wall backdrops are a popular trend for 2015.


General Design: Bringing the outdoors inside is still a hot trend for weddings and events. Having firepits and outdoor furniture inside creates a great ambiance at weddings and events. Another way to bring the outside in is to use trees and vertical walls of foliage. Both vintage and modern are trendy terms that will continue to see in 2015 event design requests. Creating comfortable lounges (both inside and outside) at all events will be a continuing trend. We will also see technology playing a bigger role at weddings this year and in the future.

The biggest trend discussed was gay weddings. This is much more than just a trend. There are so many opportunities to work in the gay wedding market. This is great news for our industry. At Save the Date Events, we are honored to work with gay couples to plan their Colorado wedding.

Thank you to David Merell from AOO Events for sharing these trends at TSE!

Image Credits:

Metallic gold lounge designed by Kamran Hussain Designs for TSE

Beer wedding, guest seating photos, and floral decor images by Jason+Gina Photography. Design for these weddings by Save the Date Events.

Wedding lounge and food photos by Kelli Lyn Photography. Design for these weddings by Save the Date Events.


Wedding Trends on 9 News!

Did you catch our feature about wedding trends on 9 News last week? Here is an exclusive video showing both the live broadcast AND behind-the-scenes footage!

Behind the scenes with 9 News at StudioWed Denver from Pure Cinematography on Vimeo.

Producing the tables, designs and TV interviews involved an incredible amount of work and planning with our vendor partners.  The process was so entertaining that Pure Cinematography created a time lapse setup video of the chaos fun!

StudioWed Denver Time Lapse | Setup Wedding Trends from Pure Cinematography on Vimeo.

Check out our full post with details and photos of past, present and future wedding trends!

Royal Wedding Trends | Our Predictions


 As a wedding planner and designer, we couldn’t wait to see the details of the royal wedding.   We loved watching it and can’t wait to see what trends come from this wedding.  Here are a few of our predictions:

1. Cakes – the size and detail of the royal wedding cake were incredible.  It was traditional white in color, but incredibly formal and detailed.  I predict we will see more formal cakes emerge in the next few years.

2.  Classic Cars – William and Kate took a ride in a stunning classic car after the ceremony. While we have been seeing more classic car rentals in the past few years, I think it will really increase now that brides have seen it at the royal wedding.

3.  Using trees as decor – they used fabulous trees in the church and it looked outstanding.  I definitely think this is going to be a fantastic trend that we will see for years to come.

4.  Kate’s dresses – The styles of both of her dresses are going to be popular for a very long time. 

5. Hair and makeup – Brides will definitely be wearing the half-up style more often after seeing Kate. I also think the tiara is going to make a come back. Kate’s natural makeup style is going to be the beauty look for many brides in the next decade.

6. Hats at weddings – I’m not sure America will adopt this trend but I think it would be absolutely lovely for wedding guests to wear stylish hats to weddings in the United States. 

What are your predictions for wedding trends that will be influenced from the royal wedding?

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