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Estes Park Wedding | Della Terra Mountain Chateau

della terra weddingwedding at Della Terra Mountain Chateau

Estes Park wedding

farm to table wedding colorado

safari theme wedding

estes park wedding

We had the pleasure of working with Ka and Adam as they set out to plan the perfect Colorado destination wedding celebration for their families from overseas. Many of our meetings were done over Skype and we only met in person once before the wedding. In the many conversations we had with the couple, we knew that they wanted this wedding to reflect who they are as a couple and the love that they have for their families.

Ka and Adam got engaged when they were on a safari in Africa. Since their families couldn’t experience their engagement with them we decided to bring a little bit of Africa to the wedding. Guests sat at tables marked by hand carved wood animals from Africa. The couple wanted to make sure that all of their 35 guests knew how special they were to them and we did this by giving flowers to each guest and had everyone walk in the processional. It was a true joy to watch people’s reactions as I handed them each a flower.

All children were asked to circle around Ka and Adam at the end of the ceremony and in unison the kids all pronounced Ka and Adam husband and wife. We used water lilies in the floral design to remember Ka’s sister who passed away. The entertainment for the night came in the form of food from Blackbelly Catering. Ka and Adam are self proclaimed “foodies” so the meal was very important. Chef Hosea introduced every course and wowed the guests with his farm to table wedding menu.

Thank you for letting us be part of your family for the past year. We wish you all the best!

Vendor Professional Team:
Venue :: Della Terra Mountain Chateau
Catering :: BlackBelly
Cake :: Colorado Rose Company
Hair and Makeup :: Samantha Koch Beauty
Photography :: Jason + Gina Photography
Videography :: Lupher Arts
Flowers :: Statice Floral
Escort Cards and Seating Chart :: New Leaf Creative
Planning and Design :: Brynn at Save the Date Events

Watch the video highlights here:

Ka & Adam from Lupher Arts on Vimeo.

Featured | Reign Magazine

steamboat-springs-luxury-wedding Wedding-planner-steamboat-springs-colorado steamboat-colorado-wedding-catamount-ranch

We were recently featured in one of our favorite local magazines for one of most lovely and refreshing couples – Travis and Lee. Reign Magazine is Denver’s magazine for women spotlighting fashion, spas, salons and fun things to do in Denver.

Travis and Lee chose one of our favorite Colorado mountain towns – Steamboat Springs. This picturesque town is nestled in a wide-spread valley that is lush and beautifully un-spoiled. We posted a full blog on this Real Wedding and you can find more details here!

In an amazing combination of rustic (see, barn) to modern (see, ghost chairs) to luxe (see, beautifully festive tent) this wedding truly had it all! We loved pulling all the details together for these clients and are so honored to be featured in Reign Magazine!

Save the Date Event Team | Day in the Life

Throughout this year, the Save the Date Event’s Team has rolled up our sleeves to get down and dirty with some of our favorite venues and vendors. This month we took an inside look at Catering By Design and learned just how much work goes into every wedding or event, and every tasting.


We learned many amazing things during our tour at CBD, in particular their desire to source lots of products locally. They get almost all of their produce from Chatfield Botanic Gardens. The majority of their dairy items are produced locally. [They lovingly refer to a special menu called the "100-Mile Menu". Every item from this menu comes from within a hundred-mile radius - and comes at a bit of a cost.]

In addition to loving what’s local, they also prioritize training for their staff – all of their chefs are trained by the chef/owner himself, Cade Nagy. CBD also has a creative side, with many rental items available for rental, a builder on-staff and an in-house florist.

We also got to spend some time in the kitchen and had the pleasure of prepping 150 chicken skewers, which gave us a deep appreciation for the labor-intensiveness that goes into completely prepping for an event. We did the math and estimated it took more than twice the time to prep an item it would take guests to consume in half the time at an event!!

What a great insight this tour was, thanks to Danielle at Catering by Design for giving us behind-the-scenes access.

Catering By DesignKitchen

Catering By DesignDecor

Catering By Design Food Display

Catering by Design

Amber CBD



Save the Date Events Team | Day in the Life

Newberry Brothers Flowers

Here at Save the Date, we love to stay on top of trends, constantly aware of the best and brightest vendors and understand how it works “from the other side”. We accomplish these goals by researching and frequent team meetings where we share ideas and experiences. Many years ago we started what we loosely refer to as our “Day in the Life” outings where we spent a few hours touring and learning the processes of other vendors from our industry – from catering, floral to entertainment (and everything in between).

Recently we visited Newberry Brothers florists for a tour of their greenhouses and storage spaces. Located in the heart of Cherry Creek, this company has been around since right after WWII (yes, that long!) and a full account of the history of this amazing business can be found on their website here. It’s very interesting as it follows the passing down of the business where it has remained in the family for multiple generations.

Newberry Brothers grow many of their own plants, including succulents, flowers and many trees. Not only do they offer floral, but they have an in-house design staff who can create many decor pieces with some insight from clients. Brides are encouraged to come in the day before their wedding to her their first look at her bouquet (we love this idea!) and Newberry Brothers is excellent with new forms of sharing ideas. They really love Pinterest, for example!

What do they see as an up and coming trend? The end of mason jars and vintage pieces and the resurgence of modern and stream-lined vessels and decor items. (We can’t wait to see it happen!)

Nerberry Brothers Greenhouse Nerberry Brothers Greenhouse Newberry Brothers Rentals


Colorado Wedding Inspiration | Trending Now

We love the range of styles that our clients have – everything from the comfort and organic feeling of farm-to-table to the elegant and sophisticated ballroom luxury! Colorado brides are as diverse as our nation, but we have found some very specific trends that are unique to our beautiful state.

rustic wedding cakeMountain Luxury – Combining the rustic with the ruffled can be so eloquently done! Adding a splash of glitter to a pinecone or pairing a sweet feminine cake on a rugged tree slice cake stand are just a few simple ways to create a luxury mountain vibe.  We love how mountain luxury can be gender neutral as well – your fiancé can get involved in cutting the wood or locating fallen branches or pinecones while you and your planner add the glitz!

tent wedding colorado

Bringing the Inside, Out – We have all heard of al fresco dining. This is accurately and specifically defined as, dining outdoors. We all love to dine outdoors in moderate temperatures. But this is rather different! It is bringing the inside, out! Many of our clients love to locate a perfect spot of land for their wedding and make use of a clear-topped tent. The tent can be fully equipped with everything that you would normally find indoors – tables, chairs, lighting and food. But the view you are surrounded by is panoramic outdoors!

Colorado outdoor winter wedding

Winter Weddings – Colorado is not the only state that boasts a beautiful winter wonderland during our colder months. However, I must say that we have the most beautiful winter wedding locations that are Colorado-inspired! How about a vintage snow-sport theme? Maybe a wedding right next to a chairlift with a reception in a ski lodge? Or maybe you love the idea of getting hitched in a historic cabin surrounded by evergreens? All of these are possible in our beautiful state of Colorado.

Looking for help to plan your Colorado wedding? Check out 10 reasons to work with Save the Date Events.

Wedding Guest Welcome Bags | Colorado Inspiration

welcome bag ideas colorado wedding

Every year, brides turn to Colorado as the destination for their wedding. Whether it is because of our gorgeous mountains and clear blue skies, or they are from the state, or just because they love everything about Colorado! We get it – we love living and working in Colorado. About half of our clients are from out of state, which means at least half of their guests are probably from out of state too. How do you welcome these guests, Colorado-style? With a guest welcome bag – Colorado version!

We love to include many things in these guest welcome bags. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. A few of our more recent examples are in this post, but the goodies that are inside are Colorado-specific!

colorado guest welcome bags

Make sure to include these fun details in YOUR Colorado Wedding Guest Welcome Bag:

- Altitude Tips – Many guests do not realize the effect altitude has on their day-to-day activities. Are you out of breath and don’t know why? Can you usually drink one glass of wine and feel just fine? Both of these we can blame on the altitude! Remember, we are 5,280 feet higher than sea-level states.

- Personalized Bottled Water - Colorado is actually a very dry state! Coming from other more humid climates, guests will immediately feel the differences in their skin and nose and will need to hydrate often.

- Shawls - This lovely state also has serious temperate fluctuations. Just this last week we experienced a balmy 75 degree day followed by snow the next day. Guests who are not expecting the temperature drop when the sun goes down will be prepared with the extra layer you can provide them with a lovely gifted shawl.

At Save the Date Events, our clients get the full benefit of our guest welcome bag goodies list. We want to make sure their guests are prepared and can truly enjoy the wedding weekend fully!

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